Cavaleiro Machado & Associados is proud of the success of its Trainee Lawyers. It works to train and prepare them for their respective career as lawyers and future colleagues, wherever they may come to exercise this noble profession.

The internship offered is limited to two or three trainees and is provided solely and exclusively in the context of the respective admission process to the Bar Association. Our Trainee Lawyers are personally accompanied not only by the lawyer who requests their sponsorship but also by other colleagues at the firm, in order to provide the Trainee Lawyer with a broader and more diversified experience and vision of professional legal practice within the firm’s areas of expertise. Cavaleiro Machado & Associados assumes full commitment to the practical and theoretical training of Trainee Lawyers for areas in which they intend to practise, as well as, naturally, preparation for the respective Bar Association final examinations.

We give Trainee Lawyers the maximum freedom in managing their time in tandem with the maximum responsibility for the use of the same. A prerequisite of the training offered by Cavaleiro Machado & Associados is that Trainee Lawyers must be totally committed and dedicated to the firm. We consider this to be one of the factors in the repeated success of our trainees in the Bar Association final examinations.